Volume 1, Issue Ten

Volume 1, Issue Ten

This month we sent out an email to our Coffee Cup Initiative participants with specific updates. If you’d like to receive those updates please partner with us through the Coffee Cup Initiative.

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Our church plant team has been asked a lot of questions from family and friends about the process of planting a church in Northwest Arkansas. There are the how questions, the why questions, the when questions, the where questions, and the what questions. We love hearing all of these questions! They give us an opportunity to share our heart and vision with you.

One question that is also asked is this: “How can we help?” or “What can we do to be a part of this process?” Enter: The Coffee Cup Initiative. In the video below, Pastor Cody explains more about what the Coffee Cup Initiative is.

Blueprint Church – Coffee Cup Initiative

What are we doing and how can you be a part of it? Watch the video to find out!Make sure you turn on the volume and HD when viewing this video.

Posted by Blueprint Church on Saturday, March 24, 2018

If you’d like to join us in planting and establishing Blueprint Church it can be as simple as…

Building Lives Centered on the Gospel,
Cody & Alex