Blueprint Journal

Blueprint Journal

Issue 18

I recently saw a video of a young boy who was born without the lower portion of one of his arms. A small film crew was there to film as he received his new prosthetic. As I watched, it was impossible to miss the boys excitement leading up to this moment that would change his life. I thought about moments of anticipation in my life, graduating college, getting married, and children being born all came to mind. There is a lot of joy in seeing things that you have anticipated for so long come to fruition.

And I would say Blueprint Church has seen it’s fair share of moments of anticipation. As we waited in excitement for the lease on our building to be finalized, we took time as a church to understand what it means to own our faith. To own what God has called us to in and through Blueprint. God has a plan for this earth and for each of us, and as we studied the topic, realized that there is no room for spectators in the Kingdom of God. God has called us to own our faith, to not be ashamed of the Gospel but to proclaim it and make disciples.

Fall is right around the corner now. Students are back, football is starting, and the weather is probably going to give us a reprieve from the heat. Meeting in our new space at the YRCC, we are studying another type of anticipation as we study the Gospel of Luke. While Luke is investigating and convincing Theophilus, and future readers, he is documenting the realization of so many years of anticipation. The Old Testament foretold of a Savior, born of a virgin who would redeem His people. Can you imagine waiting so long and finally witnessing a promise fulfilled?! It is a beautiful thing and I am excited to study that theme throughout the book of Luke.

Join us in prayer as we reach our to our neighbors, coworkers, friends, and students at the University of Arkansas.

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Building Lives Centered on the Gospel,
Alex & Cody