Blueprint Journal

Blueprint Journal

Issue 21

We are keeping this month’s update short and sweet! On Sunday we wrapped up the morning with a Thanksgiving Lunch. We enjoyed extra time together and delicious food. Delicious desserts included chocolate pecan bars and chocolate peanut butter pie. The pumpkin roll and pumpkin pie were super gourd. 😉

On Sunday the sermon covered our twelfth week in Luke. Pastor Alex read through Luke 4:31-44. In this passage Jesus’ authority is displayed.

Jesus is the King of Kings and LORD of Lords and is carrying out God’s plan with perfect authority. Jesus uses his authority to cast out demons, to heal the sick, and eventually to defeat sin and death on our behalf. It is a perfect authority, from a perfect God who has not, and will never, abuse His power or authority. Therefore, we can confidently place our lives under His authority knowing it is the best place for us to be.

Your next few days may ramp up or slow down. You may feel joy or heartache during the holidays. In Luke we’ve learned that Jesus is both fully God and fully man. He knows the heart. He is able to understand the sorrows and joy that we have. He came knowing our deepest needs and greatest weaknesses and came to bring us the truest joy. The gospel of Luke begins saturated in great praise for our King. May the truth, joy, and hope of the Gospel bless you and guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus this holiday season.