Life in Fayetteville

Life in Fayetteville

It’s been a year since the official soft launch of our church plant team. A year since the first households packed up trucks in Manhattan, KS and unloaded them in Fayetteville, AR. In that year we’ve gotten a lot of questions. Maybe you’ve asked those questions. Maybe we’ve answered them. Maybe the details have gotten a little fuzzy in the past year. Life happens, we’re there. This CCI post is here to fill in the gaps. Here we go!

Fayetteville is a college town in Northwest Arkansas (NWA). Home to the Hogs, residents in Fayetteville affectionately rally around the University of Arkansas’ Razorbacks. Recently, U.S. News listed Fayetteville as one of the Best Places to Live in the USA. This year we are at #4, up one spot from last year, we can only assume the Blueprint Church Plant had something to do with that.

The population of Fayetteville is above 85,000 and growing. Big pulls to Northwest Arkansas include the area being a home base for many Fortune 500 companies: Walmart, Tyson, and J.B. Hunt to name a few. More than 300 Fortune 500 companies have offices based in the area.

The Ozarks also draw many residents and visitors that enjoy the outdoors. The area is covered with parks and trails. Some have likened certain parts of town to San Fransisco: Steep Hills jutting across the landscape turned into roads. The Arts are another big pull to the area, valued and supported by those living here. The community in Fayetteville is active – with the excellent turnout at many events hosted throughout the year.

Finally, Fayetteville is for the dogs! We’d be surprised if you were able to go on any outing in Fayetteville without seeing one of these furry friends. If you’re choosing your home based on where your dog would be most prioritized, we’d suggest Fayetteville!

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