Blueprint Journal

Blueprint Journal

Issue 19

We continue with our Sunday Sermon Series through Luke. We have been encouraged as we read about a man who meticulously laid out the facts. Luke was a man determined to provide information so that we could know for certain the fullness of the one, true Gospel. We’ve spent five weeks in Luke and we are about to dive into the second chapter.

This past Sunday we looked at the great mercy of God. God is constantly extending His mercy to us. And His mercy to us brings us joy. Sometimes God’s mercy comes with pain, responsibility and suffering. God can and does show mercy to us in loss and in pain. He is merciful to us in our suffering and in our endurance. Some of you might be wrestling with an ideology that life should look and be a certain way but things aren’t working out the way you planned.

But the scripture and truth about who God is can be trusted even when your experience is different that what you anticipated.

Our experience on earth is full of heartache and pain and hurt because sin has entered the world. If we don’t have an eternal perspective our hearts become cold and we live a miserable life where we are always looking for the next thing to fill the void.

The whole message of the Bible is that, in sin, we rejected God. We deserved no good thing from Him. We were in line for death and separation from Him. Instead God extended something we could never obtain on our own. Through Jesus, God offers real life. God’s mercy if fully extended to us today, and every day, through Jesus Christ.

If you are in the weight of disappointment for where you are right now in life, if you are wrestling with whether or not God and the Bible can be trusted today, please reach out to one of us. Join us for this series. We are a church that asks questions. We are a church that acknowledges the hard things in life. Join us in our pursuit of truth.

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Building Lives Centered on the Gospel,
Cody & Alex