The Good Church

The Good Church

Since the New Year we have kicked off a series covering First and Second Thessalonians, the last of our core team have landed jobs and officially moved to Fayetteville, and our whole team is excited about what 2019 could mean for the Kingdom of God here in Northwest Arkansas!

Join us in thanking God for how faithful He is!

Alex and I have titled our series through the Thessalonians, “The Good Church”. This is because Paul writes his letter to the church in Thessalonica with such encouragement, comfort, and exhortation that you cannot read through the letters without hearing his fatherly care for this church. He praises them throughout both letters for the way they had grabbed onto the Gospel message even in rough situations and circumstances. He reminds them that Jesus is coming back and they have not missed His return. He implores them to continue in the work of the Gospel until Jesus returns.

As a church community, we aspire to be a group of individuals who believe, proclaims, and displays the Gospel in our daily life. We are praying for 10 salvations in 2019 and trusting that God wants us to be workers in His harvest.  Would you join us in asking God for relationships, neighbors, co-workers, and complete strangers to come to the point of believing in, proclaiming, and displaying the Gospel message of Jesus Christ?

We are also praying for a public space we could meet in for our weekend service. We understand that the church is people, and we understand that in America, meeting in a public space gives some kind of validity to a church when it comes to a complete stranger or new acquaintance walking through the door of a worship service for the first time. We would like a space we could grow into as well. 

Building Lives Centered on the Gospel,
Cody & Alex